trufix truvision health product

Created with healthy, natural plant extracts to benefit blood sugar, healthy cholesterol, and more!

Natural Dietary Supplements From Natural Plant Extracts

Healthy Diet & Healthy Blood Sugar & Cholesterol

Maintains Liver Function & Healthy Living Habits

trufix Natural Plant Extracts Healthy Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Maintains Liver Function

TruFix™ Dietary Supplement Pills

TruFix™ For Healthier Body & Life

Benefits Blood Sugar, Healthy Cholesterol, Healthy Liver Function, and More!

TruVision Health truFIX™. Created with healthy, natural plant extracts, the truFIX capsules are NOT diet pills. They are a supplement made of a proprietary blood chemistry blend that benefits blood sugar, healthy cholesterol, healthy liver function, and more. Many of the people who have used these capsules say they just naturally want to eat less and they’ve never seen anything work so well!

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Benefits for truFIX™

TruVision Health truFIX™ dietary supplement

• Created with healthy, natural plant extracts

• Safe and effective weight loss

• Dietary supplement with proprietary blood chemistry blend

• Benefits healthy blood sugar, cholesterol and liver function

• Fight visceral fat that collects at the waistline

• Take twice daily along with truCONTROL™ for optimal results

Ingredients in TruVision Health TruFix™

You can rest easy knowing the ingredients in TruVision Health are completely natural and safe. No fillers or unnecessary chemicals! 

The main ingredients in the TruFix™

Alpha Lipoic Acid:
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), a beneficial fatty acid that is produced in every cell of the body. ALA helps convert glucose (blood sugar) into energy. It is also a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes potentially harmful molecules called free radicals. Free radicals have been linked to cancer, accelerated aging, and many other debilitating and potentially terminal conditions.

Chlorogenic Acid:
Cholorogenic Acid essentially retrains your body to more effectively seek out and utilize white adipose tissue (the undesirable type of fat) stores for energy. It helps restore healthy blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, brain function and mental clarity. It also contributes to overall healthy blood chemistry. When blood chemistry is improved, virtually every major system and organ in the body benefits.

Chromium is known to help regulate glucose and assist in the metabolism of glucose on a cellular level to supply the body with energy. It is also reported to slow the loss of calcium, help prevent glaucoma, and regulate cholesterol. Low chromium levels may contribute to coronary artery disease. Chromium also assists the body in building lean muscle tissue while utilizing white adipose tissue in the body for energy.

Copper helps the body produce red blood cells, which helps avoid anemic conditions. When taken with zinc and magnesium, it can also help promote calcium retention, especially in women during menopause. It may also assist in healthy skin and joint mobility.

Magnesium can help promote calcium retention when taken with copper and zinc. It is also an effective preventative supplement.

Raspberry Ketones:
Raspberry ketones are an enzyme extracted from raspberries. This enzyme increases the production of the protein hormone adinopectin. This hormone controls metabolic deviations that could lead to weight gain. It’s shown to be a complementary ingredient for metabolism regulation and also has a significant antioxidant benefit.

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant.

Helps improve the efficacy of the body’s naturally produced insulin. Insulin helps regulate glucose (blood sugar) and neutralizes blood sugar spikes.

Zinc is an essential trace element. It supports the immune system, contributes to healthy eyes and promotes healthy prostate. It also may help individuals maintain mental clarity and concentration. Some athletes use zinc to encourage athletic performance and strength.