Ways to Buy Truvision

At TruVision Health, we believe in making it easy for you to lose weight and gain optimal health, no matter what your budget may be. You can purchase our products the way you want to, and customize your order to include just the products you want. You may choose to start with a sample pack or control kit. But once you’ve discovered TruVision Health products are the avenue to a whole new you, there are three ways to continue buying the TruVision Health weight loss and health products. 

Retail pricing is available to anyone who wants to purchase our products.
We also offer Preferred Customer SmartShip pricing, with a 10 percent discount.
Our Associates always received wholesale pricing, which includes a healthy 20 percent discount.

You can customize your order with any combination of products you’d like, whether you choose to order as a retail customer, Preferred Customer, or Associate. 

Here’s an example of the savings you’d find for each weight loss, health, and supplement we offer:

Core TruVision Products

Product: Retail Preferred Associate
truFix™ $42.95 $37.33 $33.94
truControl™ $61.25 $53.90 $49.00
reFORM™ $61.25 $53.90 $49.00
reNu™ $27.50 $24.20 $22.00
rePlace™ (Brownie Mix) $43.75 $38.50 $35.00
rePlace™ (Vanilla Bean) $43.75 $38.50 $35.00
Men’s Complete $41.25 $37.95 $33.00
Women’s Complete $41.25 $37.95 $33.00
MSM $23.75 $21.85 $19.00
MSM Powder $40.00 $35.20 $32.00
Heart&Hydration (Regular) $49.95 $43.91 $39.27
Heart&Hydration (Grape) $49.95 $43.91 $39.27
reACTIVATE™ (10 Day Supply) $71.00 $65.00 $59.00
reACTIVATE™ (20 Day Supply) $131.00 $120.00 $109.00

All Natural Products

Product: Retail Preferred Associate
Balance™ $34.80 $31.90 $29.00
Clear Stick $17.55 $15.53 $13.50
OMEGA -3 $25.00 $23.00 $20.00
Pycnogenol $42.50 $39.10 $34.00
truSlumber™ $35.95 $31.64 $28.76
truSoothe™ $35.00 $30.00 $28.00
truMend™ Large $28.34 $25.07 $21.08
truMend™ Travel $10.00 $9.00 $8.00
simplyFresh™ $15.00 $13.25 $12.00
simplyClean™ $17.95 $15.46 $14.06
Ubiquinol $55.00 $50.60 $44.00

Essential Oils

Product: Retail Preferred Associate
Clear Diffuser Blend $24.84 $22.85 $19.87
Diffuser $55.00 $55.00 $55.00
Eucalyptus Oil $17.50 $15.40 $14.00
Fractionated Coconut Oil $31.25 $27.50 $25.00
Frankincense Oil $61.25 $53.90 $49.00
Grapefruit Diffuser Blend $20.00 $17.60 $16.00
Lavender Diffuser Blend $30.10 $27.69 $24.08
Lemon Diffuser Blend $12.50 $11.00 $10.00
Orange Diffuser Blend $12.50 $11.00 $10.00
Oregano Oil $28.75 $25.30 $23.00
Peppermint Blend $23.81 $21.91 $19.05
Pure Diffuser Blend $22.50 $19.80 $18.00
Tea Tree Diffuser Blend $23.73 $21.83 $18.98
TruDefense Diffuser Blend $39.46 $36.31 $31.57

Want to Start Making Money with TruVision

TruVision Health is a great company with amazing diet, weight loss, and natural health supplements.

But here’s the best part:

Not only can you lose weight and improve your health with these products, you can also join our team and share them with others! Do you know anyone else who wants to see the health results you desire? To become healthy and active?

Becoming an Associate will allow you to share these amazing health and weight loss products with others, but you will also get a 20% discount on your own products.

It’s easy to join and start making money today! We’d love to have you join our team, and will train you to become successful. We pride ourselves on training the best Associates and you’ll meet many other people just like you! For many, it’s a life-transforming career change where you can not only earn great money, but help so many people become healthy and share the opportunity as well. 

So how do you earn money with TruVision Health?

Try. Share. Repeat.

It’s really that easy!

We emphasize “try” because if you’re like us, you don’t really like it when people try and sell you stuff or have you do things you don’t really want to do. That’s why we offer so many different one-week samples of our products to try before you make a bigger commitment. Like our other customers, we want to be sure you like them, that they work for you, and that you WANT to share them.

You’ll earn money every time the people you shared the program with buy products, or every time they enroll a new Associate. You’ll also earn bonuses and special appreciation gifts as you continue to enroll more people.